Our Story

On a mission of making sense & delivering tangible business value using complex AI technology - enabling organizations to innovate, transform & operate -intelligently & effectively .

From idea to product

Smarter, not harder!

We, the founders, have spent years within the financial industry working with real-time trading systems, building integrations & automating business processes for the top-tier banks & major funds around the globe. What we know for a fact - the workflows are complex & inefficient, the regulations are strict, data privacy is a paramount.

The same applies for all regulated sectors & the enterprises regardless of the industry.

We simplify the complexity & eliminate the inefficiency leveraging intelligent automation, smart decisioning solutions & efficient search engines - MimerAI was born!

After months of hard work, researching the field, we have designed MimerAI platform to be intuitive & flexible while still adhering to the highest data privacy standards, using intelligent multi-agent framework. Now we are ready to help businesses reimagine possibilities & unlock their full potential.

MimerAI delivers business value from day 1!

Instead of choosing multiple very specialized AI tools, we believe in an "All-In-One" approach - intelligent automation, specialized AI assistants & custom AI-powered apps - in one no-code platform.

Using AI is simply staying relevant, it is the needed empowerment. AI-powered Assistants & intelligent Agents are taking over the task we humans were not so happy doing anyway, employing them we are freeing up time for value-adding initiatives & building strategies.

However, AI is not the only tool in the toolbox. No need to inject AI just for the AI’s sake or just for communicating it was used. The real power actually lies in intelligently combining traditional programming & ML with generative AI which gives a new dimension in enhancing efficiency & elevating decision making. MimerAI brings exactly that!

We are streaming the complete flows, connecting all the dots & automating the process that either could not before, or it was too cumbersome. That is the power of combining all the tools, within our platform, we call it hyper-automation!

Businesses across sectors are opening to the innovation, securing efficiency & growth. The market is fully aware of the tremendous potential, the early adopters have already capitalized on their positive judgment. The overall sentiment is, join the journey or get left behind!

See the opportunity in the challenge then simply act on it, like we did.

Let's reimagine possibilities together!

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for innovation & want to contribute to our mission. Whether you're a developer, marketer, or designer, we have opportunities for you to grow & develop your skills while making a meaningful impact on our product.